A-B-C Model 700 Series Robot Palletizer

robot_2_siloThe 700 series robot palletizers effortlessly palletize cases, trays, or bags in multiple configurations and deliver the flexibility of hand palletizing with no labor costs or liability. With industry-standard Allen Bradley controls, integrated with Yaskawa’s MLX unified control package, the robot and all peripheral equipment are controlled within one system. This ensures seamless integration with other equipment, easy operation and programming from the touchscreen panel, and simplified maintenance. Specs & Video from A-B-C Packaging

Robotic palletizer doubles production at Red Devil

S&R Robot Systems, LLC, a Yaskawa Motoman integrator, recommended the five-axis Motoman® MPL80 II robot with MLX200 controller platform and PalletSolver® pallet generation software to replace manual palletizing... Since coming online in October 2015, the robotic palletizing cell has run continuously four days per week for 10-hour shifts each day. The caulking line is now able to maintain the 100-tube/min rate better than 90% of the time. Eliminating constant interruptions from the manual process has approximately doubled production capacity with the same upstream equipment.
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Best Practices: Robot speeds process at Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics Corp. installed the portable case-packing automation cell in November 2014. Engineers integrated the robot arm and controller and built the cell so factory workers could move the system between two production lines. The vacuum-cup-equipped robot arm picks multiple bottles into re-shipper boxes. The cell integrates with a tape machine to automatically form the boxes. Yaskawa Motoman officials said the MLX200 controller lets plant engineers program and control the robot through the factory’s programmable logic controller, using Ethernet via one table tied to a hub. Employees can handle all robot programming within the Allen-Bradley RSLogix 5000. Read the Full Article at Plastics News

Breaking Down the Robot-Factory Language Barrier

In most industrial settings, robots speak one language and the plants within which they work speak another. Mr. Kapoor and his colleagues think this makes communicating with and manipulating robots unnecessarily difficult. Read Robotics Tomorrow's discussion with Yaskawa's Chetan Kapoor

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