PLC-Integrated Robot Control

Robot programming with the team you already have – using the language they already know.

Yaskawa Motoman’s MLX Unified Controls™ enable PLC programmers to work seamlessly within the Rockwell Automation integrated architecture and RSLogix™ 5000 to program and control industrial robots. This adds more flexibility and simplicity to robotic packaging, palletizing and handling applications, enabling you to:

  • Control and troubleshoot robots through ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™ platforms
  • Easily integrate peripherals such as vision systems to multiply the number of tasks you can accomplish with a single robot
  • Program multiple robots through a single software and HMI

It’s time to increase

Could your company utilize a system of automation to increase productivity? Do you feel that traditional robots & controllers are too complicated? We can help.

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Overcome the automation
language obstacle

Traditional robot controllers have multiple,complex software languages to learn, and often you need to hire a ‘professional’ roboticist. We believe it’s time to stop complicating things.

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Stop losing time attempting
to troubleshoot

Have you ever felt unsure about how to troubleshoot or make changes with automation? Stop wasting time, revenue, and frustrating your team.

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Automation Made Simple

The MLX 200 takes the place of traditional robot controllers. The MLX 200 is a Unified Robot Controller. This simply means that it consolidates hardware, simplifies architecture, is cost-effective, maintenance friendly and most importantly, easy to use!


What our customers are saying

  • “MLX’s seamless integration with RSLogix™ made robot programming natural and this helped us be more creative and efficient. This ease of use combined with the training and support provided by Yaskawa allowed us to deliver a superbly integrated system to the customer.”

    Sr. Engineer – Logicraft Industrial Systems, Inc

    Jason Apol
  • “Yaskawa’s MLX platform opens new opportunities for a tightly integrated machine. We unified our HMI’s and had an operational system in a short timeframe. ”

    Sr. Controls Engineer, Intelligrated

    Michael Wulf
  • “Our first system deployment with MLX cut our development time by 50%. This despite our long history using traditional robot controllers. It was a win-win for us and our customer. ”

    Vice President, Massman Automation Design

    Mark Suchy

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Contact your Yaskawa Motoman sales professional, and together we will determine how PLC-based robotics can transform your business. Our MLX200 experts are on-hand to:

  • Answer your technical questions
  • Identify opportunities to automate
  • Step you through the integration process
  • Help determine your ROI
  • Deliver turnkey or supplemental integration
  • Arrange training and support programs

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